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My role as Director of the World Youth Guitar Festival keeps me pretty busy, and although our next festival won’t take place until next year (Aug 22-25th …. you heard it here first!) we are running a mini 1-day festival called WYGF-EXTRA on Monday 26th July down in Southampton.

The day will be full of ensemble playing with many names familiar to past WYGF students: Mark Ashford, Chris Stell, Mark Eden, Frank Gerstmeier and myself. We’re also thrilled that our brand-new guitar ensemble training scheme, GUITAR CIRCUS will be giving their debut concert as part of the day’s events.

GUITAR CIRCUS launched in London and Birmingham in January after an excellent round of auditions in the Autumn term. Gary Ryan, Director of GUITAR CIRCUS London has been working them hard ever since, and I’m really looking forward to hearing everything they’ve achieved in such a short space of time.

The ensembles meet once a month during term time for an intensive 6 hour rehearsal: I’m going to be popping along to London next month to see them for myself. So if you fancy finding out a little more about GUITAR CIRCUS or WYGF then book online for WYGF-EXTRA and we’ll see you there!

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